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There are many, many character interview memes out there. There are short ones, long ones, sexual ones, pretty much every question you could think of has been asked of your OC. But have you ever thought about what other characters really think about your character?

That's the point of this meme. Choose a character who is familiar with and interacts a lot with your character and answer the questions from their point of view. Alternatively, your character could answer the questions about another deviant's OC whom they are familiar with.


Authors Note: Characters are anthro, based off mlp, although you may notice the setting has nothing to do with the show aside from the races. The reason for this is I like these characters enough to want them to carry on after I've lost interest with mlp.

I had tons of fun with this, hats off to :iconraqonteur: for creating something different and entertaining so I can fuel my addiction of writing shit that no one will read. At least it's something fresh.

Template: Character Meme - Through Another's Eyes



01 – What's your name?

I'm Nikola M. Bauer, but I just go by Nikki.

02 – Are you male or female?


03 – What age are you?


04 – Describe yourself.

I was born in Salzburg, Austria in October 1982. I grew up there until I left for university in Brussels in 2000. I went for 2 years, but I no longer wanted to go through with my major at the time, so I moved back home in 2002. Brush came to live with me that same year, so we stuck together for two years in Salzburg, then we moved to her home town in England, and I studied in Manchester School of Art from 2004-06 and got my degree in graphic design. I had a job offering in Amsterdam at an advertising corporation (thanks to a friend of mine for setting up that opportunity) so I went there to work. Just a few months later, Brush moved in with me (which I didn't mind!). But, come mid 2008, she was off again.


Sorry if that last bit was more about her... I don't have much to say about me: so that makes me humble I guess. I suppose I'm hard working, but I just love what I do. Physical traits? I'm 5'8", Unicorn, I know English pretty well partly thanks to Brush (and she knows German because of me). I have a light warm grey coat, rose-purple eyes, and charcoal mane with pink highlights (which yes, are natural).

05 – What do you do for a living?

As I said, I work for an advert agency in Amsterdam. When I started out, they were a relatively small business. But now, they are an international agency, and I am the lead graphic designer in my team, which is in the Netherlands and Belgium.

06 – Choose five words that describe your personality

Kind, Humble, Visionary, Introvert, Straightforward.

07 – What is their name?

Brush Stroke (why the difference in our names? The style of them, I mean. Guess it's cultural, there's a lot of Anglos and Equestrians with names like her, and lots of Germans and Austrians with names like mine).

08 - How do you know them?

We met in early 1997, so she would have been 14, and I 16, on an online chat forum. It was about electronic music, but other users stopped posting and it was just me and Brush talking about different things after that. So we kept in touch by email, chat rooms, telephone, etc.

09 – Describe them in three sentences.

She's very interesting, but hard to understand and it's really not possible to summarize her in three sentences. I've come to know how she is and why after many years of friendship, and for all her good and bad, I really think she is a good pony, and a good friend. She puts herself down, she doesn't let others in, she pushes people away, including me; but I know she's glad I'm her friend.

10 – Are they male or female?


11 – How old are they?


12 - Describe them


She's a unicorn with a coffee hued coat with earthy tones, short messy mane which is a turquoise and warm violet color. Vibrant turquoise eyes, with a bit of purple in one (heterochromia). She's an inch shorter than me, lean, skinny, pretty soft and fluffy.

13 – Do they have any distinguishing features; scars or tattoos?


She has a small scar over her left pupil from a surgery when she was very young and tattoos all over her arms. The tattoos are mostly lines/geometric patterns

14 – Are they fit; Athletic. Do they do any sports?


Nope! She doesn't even like watching football!

15 – What about Illnesses, War Wounds or Physical Disabilities?

Nein, nothing currently. She used to struggle with heroin addiction, but she is completely clean of that now.


16 - What would you say is their best ability?


She is an incredible artist.

17 - What do they think their best ability is?


I think she'd say the same thing.

18 - What else are they good at?

She's an excellent cook. Although I'm not so bad myself. But she has an 'ability' to make anything taste good.

19 - What are they not good at?

Being open. It's not entirely bad, but she needs to know when to quit holding back her feelings and thoughts sometimes. So, naturally, she isn't a social pony. I also suppose she can be quite mean sometimes. She sucks at math too.

20 - Do they have any artistic talent?

Yep c:

21 - What about Musical Ability?

Oh, yes! I forgot to mention, she's pretty good at making electronic music. IDM and ambient stuff mostly. She's shown me songs she's made since we first met. She's never put anything out to the public though.

22 - Are they good at a particular sport?

I don't know if there's a sport related to getting as wasted as possible before passing out. If there is, she would excel at that one.

23 - What about combat; can they fight?

I've seen her "fight" once. We lived in England at the time, we were walking out of the pub and some bloke started giving us shit, he ended up shoving me because I told him to fuck off and may have said a few things regarding his inheritance of inferior genetics from his mother (I was drunk, okay?). So the guy shoved me hard, and I fell to the ground. Brush was furious. She snapped out of her drunken stupor, smashed her beer glass across his head and beat the hell out of him while he was on the ground until a bystander pulled her off him. Cut her hand up bad from the glass and punching the sidewalk a few times by accident, but she was just concerned about me. Never seen her get violent or attempt to fight other than that.

24 - Do they have any... powers or abilities you would describe as supernatural or superhuman?



25 - If you had to choose one word to describe their personality; what would it be?


26 - Can you expand on that?

I think as she's gotten older, she has gotten way less compromising on her beliefs, so the friends she has are good enough for her and probably all she'll get. However, she's aware that not many share her beliefs, and would rather not talk (about them) to anyone.


I'll elaborate further. She's pretty sarcastic, satirical, she can joke about anything, and some may like her in that regard. On the other hand, she can be vocal on politics, in which she has views that some would call extreme, or right wing, or both. She also changes the subject of conversation sometimes, and does so without warning. When I say she jokes about everything, I mean that, and she has a very, very dark, mean spirited sense of humor at times.


You can see how she makes few friends and keeps less? Brush values time she has to herself, but she is very loyal to friends and family, and usually puts them first.

27 - What do you like best about them?


Her personality. She's unique, funny, clever, and she likes me for who I am. I personally find her no-holds-back and uncompromising attitude refreshing in this world of political correctness.

28 - What personality trait or behaviour particularly gets on your nerves?

Putting up with her when she doesn't want to be around anyone upsets me because I do care about her, plus it gets old after a while.

29 - Are they sociable; do they mix well with others?

Never has been, and definitely isn't now.

30 - Do they dress well? Are they Fashionable?

Umm, she doesn't dress like shit, but she won't go out of her way to dress to impress. She does have nice leather jackets though.

31 - What would you say is important to them?

Someone who cares about them. Of course, she'd tell you coffee and beer and all that.

Do you know of any deep, dark secrets they keep buried?

Nice question, it doesn't have a number so it must be really off the record, right? Brush is indeed a secretive individual - fuck that sounds lame, I just mean she likes to keep personal things personal, but at this point I know just about everything about her, and vise versa. Nothing too dark except the period away from home after her parent's divorce. Although that's no secret now, is it?

32 - Would you want them as an enemy; What sort of enemy would they make?


Of course not. Not like she'd do anything except avoid me, but still.

33 - How did you first meet?

I thought I answered this?

34 - Are you friends?


35 - Are you rivals?


36 - Are you Lovers?

Oh, not at all.

37 - Do you love them?

Yes. But not in that way.

38 - Do they love you?

I'm sure she does.

39 - Who, if anyone, do you think they are in love with?

Another friend of hers, a Pegasus from Poland. They've been friends - well, we're all friends actually, but they've known each other for about 3 years and have grown very close.

40 - Are they currently in a relationship?

Yes, with her, albeit a pretty loose one. They don't even live together or anything.

41 - Do you like them?

You mean her girlfriend? Ja!

42 - Do they like you?


43 – How do you think they feel about children?

Assuming you're talking about Brush, she's never liked children, but recently she's been wanting to settle down. I don't know if that includes having kids... I don't even know how they're going to get kids since they're both mares.

44 - What about their family?

I love her family, and they love me. Her parents divorced when Brush was 15, so for a while I only really knew her Dad. But in the last seven or eight years, her Mother's come more into the picture, and they've accepted her. They're both nice people, and her Dad's hilarious.


If I may add some extra details, Brush's Dad was born and raised in a mining town in Cornwall until he went to university. Her Mum was born in a small town in Lancashire, but was raised most of her life by her Aunt in London. He worked in the mines and slacked off in school, she was a classically trained violinist and went to Cambridge. How they met... is a mystery to me still, but they get along so well together now. So what was the divorce about then? Well when they first got married, Dudley (Brush's Dad)  dropped out of uni and went to work in the mines back in Cornwall - he assured Virtuosa (Brush's Mum) he could support the family. By that time [1983], however, tensions were rising between the National Union of Mineworkers and the government under Thatcher, so Dud figured they needed a different mode of support in case there was a massive strike (which there was). So they moved back to Vi's hometown in Lancashire. Vi's parents offered financial support while she was pregnant with Brush and Dud looked for work. So growing up, money was tight and her parents were stressed and argued more. Finally, when Brush was 15, they couldn't stand each other anymore and divorced. But, long story short, things are much better between them now.

45 – And finally. If you could change one thing about them, what would it be?


Probably... hmm... make her happier? I've asked myself this before, and I'm always unsure about the answer. I feel terrible about not being sure if I'd want her to be happier, but I don't know if that would affect her personality or what. I like her the way she is, and improving one part of her would take away from another. She's far from perfect and I like that. Maybe I'm being selfish...


Lets say I'd love for her to be more open with me.

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